My mother was a…

My mother was a math teacher. She taught me that moment where you go, “I don’t know what this is,” when you panic, that means you’re about to figure it out. That means you let go of what you know, and you’re about to grab onto a new thing that you didn’t know yet.

Louis C.K. (on Letterman, youtube)

Netflix’s House of Cards an Experiment in Data-Driven Television

David Carr from the New York Times wrote a great article this week on how, with House of Cards, Netflix used its mountain of viewer data to give the viewers exactly what they wanted.

Over the years, Netflix has built a proprietary database on what shows its 33 million viewers watch, when they watch them, whether they watch them all the way through, and whether they like them.

Most of the focus with House of Cards is the fact that the show is being released online and all-at-once. What’s more interesting to me it that Netflix knew ahead of time that “House of Cards” would be a hit (full disclosure: Netflix hasn’t released numbers on how many people have watched the show, so we don’t know for sure if it’s a hit. But it’s already the most-watched show on Netflix).

(In his 2008 book Super Crunchers, Ian Ayres looked at how a group of Hollywood outsiders was using using data and Moneyball-style statistics to predict which movies would be blockbusters.)

Netflix is in the unique position now of owning the viewer data and the distribution. It’s like if CBS was the only network with access to Nielsen ratings. Stay tuned. This is going to get interesting.

We Moved to California and I’m Joining Insigniam

Crystal Cove Surfer 1 by dlofink
Crystal Cove Surfer 1, a photo by dlofink on Flickr.

Big news! Shannon, Maverick, and I moved to Irvine, CA, and I am starting a new career on Monday as a management consultant at Insigniam.

You Might Be Wondering Who Insigniam Is and What They Do

Insigniam is the global management consulting firm co-founded by my dad thirty years ago. One-third of the Fortune 50 are their clients.

In a nutshell, executives turn to Insigniam when they have a strategic imperative that is at-risk or a mandate to produce results that are unprecedented.

Insigniam helps businesses produce breakthrough results in the areas of performance, strategy, innovation, leadership, and culture. For example, they helped a Fortune 100 company double the productivity of their R&D and permanently reduce development cycle times by 27%.

We’re Moving to the Beach!

We are all excited about moving closer to the beach (Maverick loves swimming in the ocean), and I am excited about embarking on a new career.

We will miss living near all of our friends and family in Las Vegas, but we are expecting to have lots of visitors in the guest bedroom in our new home.

California, here I come (right back where I started from)!