Safari Helps You Drop the Dot-Com

Rob suggested to Seth Godin that we can drop the dot-com when speaking about domain names just as many have dropped the www.

I checked, and Safari 3 does not require the dot-com. What a great feature! Unlike Firefox, which uses Google’s “I feel lucky” feature when you enter in a word without the dot-com, Safari just adds the dot-com for you. Give it a try.

For example, typing “safari” into the Safari address bar takes you to the african sightseeing site, not the web browser’s site, even though the web broswer’s site is #1 on a Google Search for “safari”.

Seth suggests the dot-com will stick around as shorthand for “our website is.” I agree. Still, thank you to Apple for not requiring me to type “.com” every time I visit my usual sites (wikipedia, amazon, techmeme).

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