Day 4: Back to Basics

With our failure to find adventure the previous day still fresh in memory, we returned to basics Saturday: lazing by the pool.

After my morning run (the St. George marathon is only a week away) and breakfast, we headed to the pool for a quick snorkel lesson, and then I began a monster Harry Potter reading session. I love how I can sit at the pool at these places, and the waitress brings drinks, lunch, and snacks (nachos!) all-day without me having to move from my seat.

As I was saying, a monster Harry Potter session. From Thursday to today, three days, I flew through the 759 pages of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The last battle is amazing and will be even better on screen, I’m sure.

We finished the day with a surprisingly affordable dinner at a Thai restaurant in Lahaina and came back to the room. After Shannon fell asleep reading her second book, I finally reached the end of Harry Potter.

Photos below: the view from breakfast and Nate reading Harry Potter by the pool.

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