Day 5: Snorkeling in Kapalua

I foolishly scheduled our vacation the same week as the quarterly board meeting for the Episcopal Chaplaincy at Harvard, so my morning started giving a financial report on a conference call while Shannon was downstairs relaxing by the pool.

Afterward, I did my training run, and then we headed out for the day’s main activity: snorkeling. Now it’s hard to believe, but up until that point, we hadn’t been in the ocean yet.

We got a little lost but thanks to some help from the guy at Snorkel Bob’s, we got our gear and found Kapalua Bay.

I love Kapalua Bay (photo below). It’s the first beach without waves that I genuinely enjoy.

The water was warm and clear though visibility didn’t go very far. We had a good time snorkeling and saw plenty of fish but no turtles. It was Shannon’s first time snorkeling, and she did great. She, of course swears she saw a shark (I think it was an un-puffed puffer fish).

Afterward, we relaxed on the beach and floated in the water close to shore.

For lunch, we found the Honolua store. Kapalua used to be one big pineapple plantation, and the Honolua store was built in the 1920s as a general store. Today, they have a lunch counter, espresso bar, grocery store, and gift shop. It’s all very cute, and there’s a little porch area with picnic tables overlooking the golf course (sorry, I forgot to take pictures).

After our late lunch, we did a little more time by the pool and decided to have dinner at the hotel for a change since it was already late.

Shannon had an amazing mixed grill with six different kinds of seafood, and I got to have some really outstanding sushi. It was nice that the restaurant, Cascades, had both classic dishes and sushi since Shannon doesn’t like sushi.

Photo below: Kapalua Bay

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