5 thoughts on “First Water Landing in the History of Commercial Aviation

  1. That landing was amazing job from that pilot. He showed to the whole world that air travelling accidents doesn’t always kill people. This is almost as wonderful as was “Gimli Glider”.

  2. As much of a miracle as Captian Sullenberger’s water landing was, it was by far not the first water landing in history. Here is a link to just a few others…note Pan Am Flight 943 in 1956…also, this list does not include at least two additional documented sea ditching in which the survival rate of the crash was 100%, although one woman drowned after leaving the DC 7 trying to swim to a life raft in rough seas.

  3. actually guys, not quite… First water landing in the history of commercial aviation where 1-the plane didn’t break up and 2-more than 10% survived

    I highly doubt I will ever see another water landing with a 100% survival rate in my lifetime….

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