The Five Best Things to Do in Summerlin

I’ve met a lot of people lately who are new to the Summerlin area in Las Vegas. Since I grew up here, I thought I’d share my favorite things to do. If you’re new to town, here’s a map and to-do list:

  1. Get a Capastrami from Capriotti’s. The Bobbie may look better, but even my step-dad from Brooklyn said the Capastrami is the best sandwich he’s ever had.
  2. Take the dog for a walk at Spring Mountain Ranch. It used to be Howard Hughes’ ranch and is one of the prettiest parts of Red Rock. There is outdoor theater here during Las Vegas’ warm summer nights.
  3. Lunch outside at Rachel’s Kitchen. Why aren’t there more places to eat with outdoor seating like this? My favorites: chinese chicken salad, burger, tuna sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, arugula salad with chicken…just go and get something.
  4. Late night drinks and appetizers by the fire at Agave. Normally overpriced, their happy hour and late night (after 10 p.m.) are awesome. Sit outside by one of the fireplaces with friends. Get some 25¢ tacos or an appetizer (fresh guacamole!). They have a ton of tequilas, thirteen specialty margaritas, and $1 coronitas.
  5. Brunch at Marché Bacchus. Just outside the borders of Summerlin, this little-known French bistro and wine shop overlooks the artificial lake in Desert Shores. They have misters and heaters, so you can enjoy sitting outside any time of year.

[Bonus for East Coast transplants: IN-N-OUT. If you have never been to In-n-Out Burger, go right now. This west-coast-only legend is a favorite of Bob Hope, Thomas Keller, and Phil Mickelson to name a few. Order a #1 animal-style with a vanilla shake.]

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