My New Favorite Shoes Are Not Shoes


“These Are Not Shoes. They’re Sandals.” That’s the tagline for the Sanuk line of Sidewalk Surfers. If you love wearing sandals all-day like I do, go buy a pair of Sanuks immediately.

When I first saw them at REI last year, I thought they were great. The bottoms are like flip-flops, but they have a canvas upper to cover your feet. They’re shoes that feel like flip-flops. But even though they seemed great, I did not buy a pair until they made an important addition this year.

I saw them again a couple months ago at a Huntington Beach surf store, this time with a fuzzy liner to keep your feet warmed. Genius! Winter sandals!

I have worn my Sanuk Vagabond Chills for a couple months now. They are incredibly comfortable even after being on my feet for hours. They keep my feet warm even without socks. They look great with a pair of jeans.

In the summer, I wear flip-flops. In the winter, I wear Sanuks.

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