Get a Professional Website for Under $25

Creating a professional presence online has never been easier or more affordable. For, I first tried custom-building my site and leasing a webserver, but I’ve learned that in this case, simple is better.

With my own domain name and WordPress, I have a professionally-designed site that is search-engine optimized, can handle as much traffic as I can get, comes with comment spam filters, and many more powerful features without any of the hassle of server or code maintenance. Plus, with Google Apps, I have a professional email address that has great spam filtering and works on any device.

You can spend a lot of money on a website designer, servers, and email systems, but for most people, the following steps are sufficient.

Create a professional website and email address for under $25 per year.

  1. $10.69/yr. Buy your company domain ( at
  2. $0 Create a free website on WordPress and choose from one of their many professionally-designed themes. Create some pages (About, Contact) and write a few blog posts.
  3. $10/yr Move your WordPress site to your domain.
  4. $0 Sign-up for Google Apps Standard Edition to have professional email addresses. An advanced email system with great spam filters, Google works with any web browser, Outlook, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

One thought on “Get a Professional Website for Under $25

  1. Good article Nate!
    One thing you might consider is that the 10 for hosting is PER Domain. If you have mutiple domains then GoDaddy has really cheap hosting and you can have as many domains as you like there.

    Also, I use the email forwarding when I buy my 10.69 domain/yr to forward to any email host I like today…that way when I change my mind (or they go poof) I can just put in my new host address to the forward and no one has to change any of my email addresses anymore. My family loves that part!

    Have a great weekend!

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