Favorite Lunch Spot: Baguette Cafe

Last year, I shared with you one of my favorite lunch spots in Las Vegas, Crazy Pita.

My new favorite: Baguette Cafe.

Great Pastry and Lunch

Baguette Cafe has both great croissants (a rarity off-Strip in Vegas), muffins, tarts, and cookies, and simple, delicious lunches.

Stop-by in the morning to pickup a muffin, pain raisin, or peanut butter chocolate chip cookie with an Illy latte. (Unfortunately, they do not have fresh-squeezed orange juice.)

Lunch: Tuna Salad and Quiche

For lunch, try the tuna salad, soup of the day, or the quiche. You can also do a “Pick 2” combination with half of each. They even have french bread pizza sometimes. All the food is fresh, simple, and delicious.

Workdays Only: Baguette Cafe is only open on workdays and can get busy filling catering orders for the nearby offices, but it’s worth it. Go give it a try ASAP.

Find Baguette Cafe on Google Maps: 8359 W Sunset Rd

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