A Peek Inside Insigniam’s Work

Normally Insigniam’s work is confidential, but my client, the Boy Scouts of America, gave me permission to share some work that we did with them recently to create a strategy and align on measurable outcomes.

Scouting made a profound difference in my life at a difficult time. Recent research from Tufts validates my own experience: Scouting builds grit, leadership, generosity, and happiness in kids and teens. When they find out that I was a scout, many executives share with me the difference that Scouting made in their own lives or those of their children.

That’s why it was my honor (along Greg Trueblood, my Insigniam colleague) to work pro bono publico over the last few months with the board, executive cabinet, professional staff, and volunteer leaders of my local Boy Scout council to design and align on:

IMG_1063This morning, the work was unveiled at our board meeting with the displays that you see in the photos (designed by the staff and donated by another board member). The executives also reported on progress made against the four outcomes thus far. For some context, the council previously had hundreds of strategic outcomes that they only reported on once or twice annually. They are now tracking the outcomes, along with four leading indicators for each outcome, every two weeks. Each strategic outcome has a project team leader, who is being coached by an Insigniam consultant pro bono publico.


If you want your kids to be generous, kind, cheerful leaders with grit, consider getting your family into scouting. It made a profound difference in my life, and the research shows that it will in theirs as well. If, like me, you do not have kids and yet believe that the future of our world depends on generous, kind, cheerful leaders with grit, I invite you support scouting financially (you can send a kid to summer camp!) or by volunteering your talents.

You might just change someone’s life, as others did for me.